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You are just minutes away from using the most powerful Race Ratings and Form system available. As soon as you have given us your details you will be able to download The Computer Form Book straight away. No waiting for the postman! You could be analysing Todays races and putting the power of the form book to work in only a few minutes time - Please enter your details and then hit the submit button at the bottom of the form.

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All Flat Subscriptions Include 2 Years Of Past Form Data
Flat 4 Week Trial Subscription @ 49 sterling.
Flat 10 Week Trial Subscription @ 99 sterling.
Flat Annual Subscription @ 525 sterling.

All Hunt Subscriptions Include 3 Years Of Past Form Data
Hunt 4 Week Trial Subscription @ 49 sterling.
Hunt 10 Week Trial Subscription @ 99 sterling.
Hunt Annual Subscription @ 525 sterling.

All Professional Subscriptions Include 5 Years Of Past Form Data AND Systems Analyser.... The Works!
Professional 4 Week Trial Subscription @ 89 sterling.
Professional 10 Week Trial Subscription @ 179 sterling.
Professional Annual Subscription @ 989 sterling.

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Please note that all 4 week and 10 week subscriptions will be automatically renewed every 4 or 10 weeks - you do not need to do anything further to continue your subscription. If you wish, you can cancel your subscription at any time up to the next billing cycle by logging in to our members area and selecting the cancel option. Alternatively please feel free to ring the office and we will amend your records accordingly.
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